The future is familiar.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin & other digital tokens.
The Genesis1 ATM is a gateway to the world of digital currency.
Genesis1 is fully 2-way for cryptocurrency.
We've built the most scalable, customizable, feature-rich Bitcoin ATM.
Operate a Genesis1 and earn a healthy profit providing on-demand liquidity.
Visit a Genesis1 to experience the fastest way to buy and sell digital currency.

Current lead time: 14 days $14,500 delivered.

Introducing the Satoshi1

World-class hardware packed into a sleek and futuristic package.
The Satoshi1 Crypto Machine is a robust 1-way solution for vending cryptocurrency.
Featuring a 21" screen, the Satoshi1 is a 21st century take on the cryptokiosk.
A best-in-class 2,200 note bill acceptor means less trips to remove cash.

The Satoshi1 is fully 1-way for Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies.

The machine runs on the same software platform as our flagship Genesis1,
providing unparalleled white-label opportunities and industry-leading backend.

Current lead time: 7 days $5,800.

Hardware Features

The Genesis1 platform represents the pinnacle of ATM technology.

  • 2,200 note International Bill Acceptor
  • 1,700 to 6,800 note Bank-grade Cash Dispensing System
  • Optional Fingerprint Reader
  • High-speed Barcode Scanner
  • Magnetic / EMV Card Reader
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • High-definition Security Camera

  • Your Genesis1 comes standard with a 13-month warranty.

    Security and Compliance

    The Genesis1 software runs over an encrypted private network to ensure all transactional data remains private and secure.

    An optional fingerprint reader can be combined with 3rd-party AML/KYC platforms to ensure compliance in every jurisdiction.


    Industry-leading Backend Management

    Take control of your business through our intuitive and robust operating interface. Adjust your pricing margins with ease. Put a microscope to your cash flow and track profits in realtime.

  • Supply liquidity through an exchange, your own wallet, or both
  • Our replenishment system maximizes customer experience, minimizes risk
  • Realtime inventory pricing based on numerous exchange feeds
  • Fix your ATM prices or let them float with the market
  • Enable instant cash withdrawals under certain thresholds
  • Set maximium purchase and withdrawal limits
  • Net profits are calculated hourly based on trade data
  • Alerts system notifies you of hardware issues and low liquidity
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    Complete White-label Solution

    Our software allows you to configure every aspect of your ATM's brand.
    Easily set your custom logos and media -- even on printed receipts.
    Customize your user's experience while building your unique business.


    Our Software

    The Genesis1 software is an agile take on ATM development.
    Operators benefit from free software updates for life.
    Maximize your revenue while bringing new technologies to your customers.


    The number of Bitcoin transactions taking place every day.

    Cryptocurrency is a new market with immense growth potential. Our ATM was built for the world. Fully translated, fully portable. Provide on-demand liquidity for profit, while controlling your network from the privacy and portability of a laptop.

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